‘Customer Engagement Management (CEM)-IN-A-BOX’

“Companies that are able to deliver exceptional digital experiences during up/cross-sell communications are more likely to increase customer retention”

AIRDOCS Customer Engagement Management (CEM) helps businesses like yours to develop targeted, engaging personalised communication, by making it easy to use your in-depth customer data like gender, age, location, product purchase history and buying patterns.

This is achieved through the AIRDOCS ‘CEM-IN-A-BOX’, which is hosted on Microsoft’s AZURE cloud. By being cloud-based, AIRDOCS software solutions and tools are able to provide small and medium enterprises with a full suite of large-enterprise functionalities – along with the greater flexibility, speed-to-market, and lower costs needed by SMEs.

The AIRDOCS ‘CEM-IN-A-BOX’ allows you to create messaging in different media formats (PDF, HTML, text, video), implement multi-channel delivery of print, email, SMS, and DocuSign services; as well as archiving, and an administrative and client web portal.