Workshare Transact

enabling legal Management of Transactions

What is Workshare Transact?

Workshare Transact helps lawyers and legal teams run transactions more efficiently and effectively. Lawyers create online workspaces based on the document checklist for their deal, which provides structure for the organization of files throughout the transaction. Transact enables teams to be productive and cut out many deal admin tasks, so fee earners can focus on their legal work and their clients.

Why lawyers & their clients use Transact

  • Transact organizes all relevant files throughout a transaction, for the benefit of the law firms and clients involved

  • Lawyers and clients can quickly check the status of a deal and instantly find any file they need to review

  • Efficiency is gained at every stage, including an estimated 75% time-saving on bible/closing binder creation

  • Email traffic is vastly reduced with files posted in a shared workspace rather than sent by email

  • Internal-only use brings significant benefits, as Transact provides accurate closing checklists and quick bible/closing binder preparation

 Technical overview

  • A module within the Workshare Connect cloud platform (that also provides secure file sharing and collaboration)

  • Files are stored in the firm's choice of AWS file storage locations worldwide

  • Files can also be stored on-premise with Workshare's hybrid solution

  • Firms with global offices can elect to store files local to relevant teams

  • The application is hosted with Microsoft Azure in Dublin, Ireland

  • Workshare operates to the highest security standards with ISO 27001:2013 certification

  • Workshare offers 24/7 support and Transact includes access to the Intercom service for direct support from the Transact team, including three qualified transactional lawyers


  • Workshare is certified to ISO 27001:2013 (Certification no. IS 615970

  • Workshare's data center partners (AWS and Azure) have the highest levels of relevant certifications as set out on their websites: AWS / Azure

Infrastructure & security

  • Strategically separated, geographically remote data centers prevent data destruction under catastrophic scenarios and speeds data recovery in the instance of a disaster through real-time replication, multiple connections, and alternative power supplies

  • Workshare encrypts and protects data when at rest or in transit with RC4-128 Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology (and 256 AES encryption at rest)

  • Security-related fixes on the infrastructure are automatically guaranteed by our data center partners to an SLA

  • All internally-developed code is checked against a 3rd party vulnerability list and 3 rd party professional intrusion tests are performed on a regular basis

  • Workshare staff and all our data center partner personnel are screened and bound by strict confidentiality agreements, reference and background checks (where applicable) 

DMS integration

  • Workshare integrates with all the major document management systems (DMS), including iManage, Worldox, NetDocuments, OpenText and Sharepoint, so files can be uploaded and downloaded between Workshare and a DMS via installation of the Workshare Desktop app

Data storage

  • Files stored by default in AWS in Dublin, Ireland. This location can be changed to any of our supported AWS locations globally

  • Firms with multiple offices globally can create subaccounts of users for each office and elect to store files locally

  • Workshare offers hybrid cloud deployment with files stored in a firm-owned data center behind a dedicated firewall. The firm owns the relevant certificate and access controls

  • The application itself is hosted with Microsoft Azure in Dublin with updates deployed on a weekly release cycle under strict change management procedures

Access & authentication

  • Access to Workshare is via an authenticated user account. Corporate logins and passwords are under the control of the Account Admin with the option for Active Directory single sign-on (SSO)

  • Account Admins retain full control over access to the Workshare account and relevant company content


  • Specialist, in-house, multi-lingual customer support is provided by Workshare, complete with our online support portal and knowledge base

  • Specialist qualified lawyers to support end users